The main part is the arena! Join it by clicking the button "Join the arena" at the top of the page. There you will find up to 3 enemys in the corners and many NPCs in the middle.

Fight the enemies by clicking on their target and the NPCs by clicking their logo. As soon as their life hits 0 (green bar gone) you will get some reward!

Use the functions on this main page to make your account even stronger!

Some NPCs can also attack you! If the bar is full, the NPC will hit every player in the arena. But if you attack the NPC, the bar will reset.

This brings more diversity into your game! And you have a currency which you can spend without losing real money. This makes playing the game more fun for you!
And to be honest: It gives us great oportunities in designing the game even further!

In a competition you can fight in a special competition arena with other players to be the best. In every competition there is a goal set (e. g. earn most XP). Try to make the best competition try to win the competition - only your best try counts! Your try ends when you die and thus leave the arena.

The competition is a time restricted event where you only have some hours to compete in it. You are also restricted in the amount of tries you are allowed to use. Make sure to use all your ties in order to make the best try and to prevent other from being better then you!

Using different types of Ammo multiplies the damage dealt. You have an unlimited amount of Ammo x10, your standard Ammo. Ammo x15 multiplies your damage with 1.5, Ammo x20 with 2. You can always buy more Ammo in the shop!

Use a Medipack to regenerate 500 Hitpoints. But you can only use a Medipack every 30 seconds! Use the Medipack to live longer and get the edge in an hard fight. They are especially useful in Competitions, where every lost life counts!

Earning Money

You earn Satoshi by playing! For the most Satoshi fight other people or the boss NPCs. Some other NPCs give you also some Satoshi.
Just go to the "Satoshi" Page and request your payout there! We process them currently manually. You can choose between getting your money directly in your wallet or using Faucethub.

Improving in your Game

The Arenalevels help making this game fair. As you get stronger you will be in a higher Arenalevel. Thus you will have stronger NPCs with better rewards and more enemies on your strength.

Your Arenalevel depends on your player level:
Arenalevel 1: Level 1 - 3
Arenalevel 2: Level 4 - 7
Arenalevel 3: Level 8 - 11
Arenalevel 4: Level 12 - 15
Arenalevel 5: Level >= 16

Your level is based on your XP:
Level 1: from 0 XP
Level 2: from 100 XP
Level 3: from 200 XP
Level 4: from 400 XP
Level 5: from 800 XP
Level 6: from 1,600 XP
Level 7: from 3,200 XP
Level 8: from 6,400 XP
Level 9: from 12,800 XP
Level 10: from 25,600 XP
Level 11: from 51,200 XP
Level 12: from 102,400 XP
Level 13: from 204,800 XP
Level 14: from 409,600 XP
Level 15: from 819,200 XP
Level 16: from 1,638,400 XP
Level 17: from 3,276,800 XP
Level 18: from 6,553,600 XP
Level 19: from 13,107,200 XP
Level 20: from 26,214,400 XP
Level 21: from 52,428,800 XP
Level 22: from 104,857,600 XP
Level 23: from 209,715,200 XP
Level 24: from 419,430,400 XP
Level 25: from 838,860,800 XP
Level 26: from 1,677,721,600 XP
Level 27: from 3,355,443,200 XP
Level 28: from 6,710,886,400 XP
Level 29: from 13,421,772,800 XP
Level 30: from 26,843,545,600 XP

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