Chat Rules

Our official chat language is English. The sequel of using any different language in the global chat is at least a 1 hour chat ban. You may use your desired language using /pm or if you are not writing in the Global channel (e. g. the Association channel)

No links or promoting! Don’t post any links or promote any other pages in the global chat. Violating this rule will result in at least a 1 hour chat ban.

No begging. Don’t beg for any donations. This will also result in a 1 hour ban!

No spamming! Don’t spam in the chat, keep the chat clean. This also includes writing only in CAPSLOCK. Violating this rule will result in at least a 1 hour chat ban.

Follow the Game Rules. This especially means no pushing. Teaming is definitly allowed, but you are not allowed to agree on killing each other for the rewards. This is considered pushing and may result in a permanent account ban! This punishment is also true for other game rules.

No inappropriate language, keep it clean. We are strongly against racism, sexism, swearing, threats, discrimination, disrespect, and other forms of inappropriate language. Be friendly and polite in the chat. Not following this rule will result in at least a 1 hour ban. Excessive offenses may result in longer ban or even a permanent account ban.

Ban avoidance: The avoidance of a chat ban through using another account to write in the chat or any other means will result in a permanent ban of the main as well as all related accounts.

These rules provide a general behavior guideline. Undermining the spirit of the game/chat in any other form may also result in a chat ban/permanent ban. Only write what you really need to write!


/pm [name] [message] Write a personal Message to [name] that only this user sees.

/pmblock [name] Block a player from writing pms to you.

/pmunblock [name] Allow a player to write pms to you.

/pmblocklist List all players you blocked from writing pms to you.

/mute [name] Mute a player in all chats. You will never read a message again from him.

/unmute [name] Undo a Mute of a player.

/mutelist List all player you muted.

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